• INVESTMENT INVOLVES RISKS. The value of the Fund can be volatile and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
  • Investors will be exposed to equity market, US markets, concentration, custody and settlement, currency and debt securities risks.
  • The Fund may use certain types of financial derivative instruments, which may involve a higher degree of risk including but not limited to counterparty, volatility, liquidity, leverage and valuation risks, and the Fund may suffer a substantial loss.
  • Investors should not invest based on this marketing material alone. Offering documents should be read for further details, including the risk factors.


Legg Mason ClearBridge US Large Cap Growth Fund

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About The Fund

Investment Aim

The Fund is a sub-fund of Legg Mason Global Funds plc, an open-ended umbrella investment company constituted in Ireland. The Fund seeks to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing at least 70% of its Net Asset Value in equity securities of a concentrated group of U.S. companies with large market capitalisations.The core holdings of the Fund will be companies that are dominant in their respective industries, global in scope and that have a long-term history of performance.

Performance Benchmark

Russell 1000 Growth Index.
  • Invests principally in US companies with attractive growth prospects.
  • Many of these companies are household names.
  • Highly experienced investment team.

About the Investment Strategy

  • The Fund normally invests mainly in stocks with large market capitalisations.
  • Many of these companies are household names and are strategically positioned for growth in the US and overseas.
  • Investing with a long-term perspective, the manager emphasises individual security selection while diversifying the Fund's investments across industries, which may help to reduce risk.
  • To identify large-cap companies with the highest growth potential, the manager considers factors such as a company's management, financials and competitive market position.

About the Investment Team

ClearBridge Investments' expertise lies in US equities with experience across a wide range of market capitalisations and disciplines. ClearBridge's seasoned portfolio managers pursue distinct investment styles but share a focus on primary research-driven fundamental investing.