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February 2018

Sell-off Overlooks Solid Long-term Trends

The current sell-off is overdone, notes Investment Strategist Jeff Schulze: inflation fears have been heightened by investor complacency, and the market can handle higher rates if the rise is not too rapid.

January 2018

The Tax Bill: Shades of Great

Our managers see positive impacts from the tax bill - but with some sectors, companies and individuals reaping greater benefits than others. However, that disparity could well create opportunity for active managers.

September 2017

10 Signs that a Recession is Not Upon Us

Jeff Schulze, Investment Strategist, ClearBridge Investments analysed various recession indicators and believed that US equities still have room to run.

September 2017

The Long View: Fed Could Threaten Sanguine Global Outlook

Jeff Schulze, Investment Strategist, ClearBridge Investments shared his view on the greatest current risk to stocks and the economy.

September 2017

Hurricane Harvey’s Market Impact

Markets have largely taken Hurricane Harvey's devastation in stride, but the full scope of its impact may not be felt for weeks to come.

September 2017

Flooding in Texas: The Impact on Insurers

Though severe enough to impact earnings, the flooding in Texas is unlikely to hurt property and casualty insurers badly enough to force rates higher.

July 2017

China: What to Expect in the Next Six Months

Portfolio Manager Desmond Soon shared his view on China market for the next six months.

July 2017

Small-Cap's Road Back to Normal

Portfolio Manager Chuck Royce and Co-CIO Francis Gannon see a consolidating asset class ready to make its next move up.

July 2017

Is the stock market right about economic growth?

High quality companies remain an attractive investment opportunity despite more moderate growth expectations.

June 2017

Trump's Infrastructure Plan

Richard Elmslie, Co-CEO of RARE Infrastructure provides insight on President Trump's infrastructure plan, including the necessary incentives to attract private capital and the challenges that the Trump administration could face.

June 2017

UK Election 2017: Hung Parliament

Despite the unexpected outcome, which resulted in a hung parliament, market reaction was relatively muted as investors expect potentially looser fiscal policy may fuel economic growth.

May 2017

French Election 2017: Markets March On

What do Legg Mason's portfolio managers say about Emmanuel Macron's victory?

April 2017

US Equities: Growth is Where you Find it

Investing in growth stocks outside the limits of traditional benchmarks has allowed ClearBridge Portfolio Managers Margaret Vitrano and Evan Bauman to thrive in a crowded field.

April 2017

Have Emotions Overtaken Logic?

After multi-year gains in the stock market, investors are looking beyond easy money for signs of continued momentum.

March 2017

BREXIT and Article 50: Crossing the Rubicon

The triggering by the UK of the European Union's Article 50 today formally signals the UK's intention to seek a divorce and allows exit negotiations to begin in earnest. What does this means for British companies...

March 2017

Small-Caps: Resisting Rate Risk

Senior Investment Strategist Steve Lipper highlights that small cap stocks have far less sensitivity to interest rate moves than their large cap cousins.

March 2017

Natural Fit: Rate Hikes and Small-Cap Value

What do rising rates have to do with stocks? One past example: the small-cap equity markets' response to a rising-rate environment, which has helped power the shift in favor of "value".

January 2017

Four Small-Cap Specialists on 2017

Small-caps had a great run in 2016, but what should investors expect from 2017?

January 2017

Looking Ahead: Outlook 2017

ClearBridge Investment Strategist Jeff Schulze offers insight on what 2017 could have in store for the economy and markets.

January 2017

7 Reasons to Choose Active Now

While index investments have their place, it's important to recognize what actively managed strategies can do for investors – especially in the current environment, where the risks embedded in passive strategies loom large.

January 2017

A Dramatic Rebound for Small-Caps

2016 was a terrific year for small-cap stocks that included some key reversals.

December 2016

Hope, Doubt, and a New US Administration

Western Asset Deputy CIO Mike Buchanan reflects on where to find opportunity in fixed income now, via select spread sectors and a long-duration portfolio bias.

December 2016

Asia Fixed Income Review

Monthly Asia Fixed Income Review from Western Asset.

December 2016

Global Fixed Income Review

Monthly Global Fixed Income Review from Western Asset.

November 2016

Overdone Optimism

Ken Leech, CIO of Western Asset discussed the election of Donald Trump, Western Asset's investment thesis and the rationale behind recent observed price movements.

November 2016

After the U.S. Election: High Hopes, Big Questions, New Opportunities

Our U.S. and global investment panels assess how the markets have responded to the U.S. election results — and whether initial reactions are likely to persist or change over time.

November 2016

Ripples from the U.S. election: A New Global Investment Landscape

Highlights from 21 Nov CIO panel on global markets after the election, with audio replay; features Jack McIntyre of Brandywine Global, Mike LaBella of QS Investors, Tom Walker of Martin Currie.

November 2016

Investing in infrastructure: Bridges, Roads…and Income

Global infrastructure offers several potential advantages; two of the most significant are the potential of competitive income, and low correlation to major asset classes.

November 2016

Trump Wins: market Scramble

Latest market reactions and what's next for investors.

November 2016

A Review of Biotech Stocks

Latest development in biotech industry.

November 2016

Emerging Markets: The Tide is Turning

Looking beyond the short-term noise in emerging markets, we believe that there are great opportunities, with many businesses that can compound returns way into the future.

October 2016

A Supportive backdrop

The current backdrop of subdued growth and inflation continues to be supportive of spread sectors in bonds, with central banks likely to continue current policies, notes Western Asset CIO Ken Leech.

Q3 2016

Small-Cap Strength Broadens

The third quarter was the strongest for the Russell 2000 so far in 2016 and while classic value and quality stocks lagged, their returns were strong on an absolute basis.

October 2016

Election 2016: The Road Ahead for Infrastructure

The US has an acute need for new spending on infrastructure; what impact could the US election have on this issue? RARE Infrastructure weighs in.

August 2016

Biotech and more - Finding value in stocks

Investors who focus on US stocks' overall price level are overlooking the values available in health care and other sectors, says Evan Bauman of ClearBridge Investments.

August 2016

Unconstrained investing: not running on empty by any means

Western Asset product specialist Robert Abad explains in a white paper with great graphics the benefits of unconstrained fixed income strategies in a low-rate, post-Brexit environment.

July 2016

Small-Cap value remains strong

Chuck Royce and Francis Gannon discuss why the combination of earnings and valuation could bolster small-cap value's leadership in the current cycle.