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December 2018

Recession Watch: Lessons from the Last Cycle

Should we worry about the recent inversion of 3-5 year Treasury yield curve? The ClearBridge Recession Risk Dashboard suggests concerns may be overblown.

November 2018

Earnings and Dividends Paint Resiliency

As the markets continue to digest short term news flow, long term investors will look beyond the noise and recognize that opportunities emerge when fundamentals and price diverge.

November 2018

Will Earnings Strength Lift Small-cap Cyclicals?

Co-CIO Francis Gannon on why ongoing earnings strength for small-cap cyclicals is bolstering our confidence.

November 2018

Midterm Elections: Divided Congress Signals Gridlock

With control of the Senate and House now divided, and the prospects for a recession still muted, the S&P 500 should continue to march higher in 2019...

October 2018

Dividend Strategy

Dividends today are a far more efficient mechanism for returning value to shareholders than they have been in decades.

October 2018

Lower Volatility, Higher Sharpe

From a Sharpe ratio perspective, an approach that seeks to manage volatility can be beneficial for investors.

October 2018

The Long View: Current Expansion Headed For The Record Books

The ClearBridge Recession Risk Dashboard continues to point to a healthy backdrop for the U.S. economy.

October 2018

Strong Dividend Growth Offsets Rising Rates

Dividend increases have been strong in 2018, evidence dividend payers are taking full advantage of strong economic fundamentals and tax cuts.

October 2018

Coming to terms with policy divergence

How Asia deals with differing policy paths of the world's largest importer (US) and the largest exporter (China) remains to be seen as both economies command significant sway

September 2018

Conversation on US Dividend Paying Stocks

Kathleen Anderson, Director at ClearBridge Investments, remains positive about the outlook for the U.S. equity market and dividend-focused strategies.

September 2018

After Market Highs, What's Next for Small-Caps?

Surveying the small cap landscape after a period of strong gain, Royce co-CIO Francis Gannon is selectively bullish.

October 2018

Beckoning valuations

The present is a good time to consider the attractiveness of the region.

September 2018

The Fed Sticks to the Plan

A brief on what the Fed did, how markets reacted, and a guide to some additional insight.

September 2018

Diversify with Asian Local Currency Bonds

Asian local currency bonds is an asset class that is worth considering for global investors as its correlation with major asset indices across different regions, remains markedly low.

September 2018

Return of Loan Growth Should Boost Select Banks in the U.S.

Commercial and industrial loan growth is gaining momentum, a positive sign for U.S. banks.

September 2018

Conversation on US equity

Kathleen Anderson, Director at ClearBridge Investments, thinks domestic fiscal stimulus outweighs the burden of global trade tariffs for US companies.

September 2018

Energy MLP Update

The master limited partnership (MLP) sector was supported by energy sector outperformance and firming commodities prices in the second quarter.

September 2018

Dealing a Tailwind for Small Companies

There is at least a degree of positive relationship between how US Small Caps perform and the number of M&A deals. But why is that so?

September 2018

Conversation on US Small Caps

Bill Hench, Portfolio Manager, explains where he sees opportunity and what factors affect US Small Caps in the foreseeable future.

September 2018

Manage the Clear and Present Volatility

As uncertainties increase, investors must relook the investment landscape with caution

September 2018

Thoughts on the US Economy

John Bellows, Portfolio Manager thinks the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will pause hiking rates in early 2019, which is not what the market is expecting.

February 2018

Volatility: Is Inflation Really the Issue?

While some point to inflation fears as the trigger for current volatility, our investment managers question whether those fears may be exaggerated, given economic realities.

February 2018

Stock Sell-Off: Fears Vs. Fundamentals

Elevated valuations, investor complacency and the prospect of faster-than-expected inflation combined to trigger the equity selloff - but with economic fundamentals still solid, our investment managers counsel patience amid the current volatility.

February 2018

Sell-off Overlooks Solid Long-term Trends

The current sell-off is overdone, notes Investment Strategist Jeff Schulze: inflation fears have been heightened by investor complacency, and the market can handle higher rates if the rise is not too rapid.

January 2018

The Tax Bill: Shades of Great

Our managers see positive impacts from the tax bill - but with some sectors, companies and individuals reaping greater benefits than others. However, that disparity could well create opportunity for active managers.

September 2017

10 Signs that a Recession is Not Upon Us

Jeff Schulze, Investment Strategist, ClearBridge Investments analysed various recession indicators and believed that US equities still have room to run.

September 2017

The Long View: Fed Could Threaten Sanguine Global Outlook

Jeff Schulze, Investment Strategist, ClearBridge Investments shared his view on the greatest current risk to stocks and the economy.

September 2017

Hurricane Harvey's Market Impact

Markets have largely taken Hurricane Harvey's devastation in stride, but the full scope of its impact may not be felt for weeks to come.